KeelTape™ Single Pack

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KeelTape: Your Boat's Lifesaver

KeelTape is a specialized, highly adhesive repair tape crafted for boat owners to swiftly and effectively mend keel damage. Compatible with all boat types and materials, it ensures a strong, waterproof, and long-lasting repair, enhancing the durability and protection of your vessel.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof Design: KeelTape's waterproof feature ensures repairs hold up in all weather conditions, safeguarding your boat against water intrusion.

  2. Ultra-Strong Adhesive: With a robust double-sided adhesive, KeelTape provides a secure bond that withstands wear and tear, washing, and exposure to UV rays.

  3. Durable and Heat Resistant: Engineered to endure various weather conditions, KeelTape preserves the integrity of the repair, offering reliable protection against the elements.

  4. Non-Slip and Protective: Its soft, non-slip texture is comfortable against your boat's hull, preventing irritation and ensuring ease of movement through the water.

  5. UV Resistant: KeelTape shields against sun damage, maintaining the quality and longevity of your boat's keel even under intense sunlight.

  6. Versatile and Flexible: Adaptable to different boat materials, KeelTape maintains flexibility for natural movement, ensuring optimal performance.

  7. Simple Application: Cut, stick, and secure for an easy, lasting repair. KeelTape's no-sew application makes it effortless to use, requiring no special tools or skills.

How to Use:

Applying KeelTape is straightforward. Cut the tape to the desired size, remove the backing, and firmly apply it over the damaged area of your boat's keel.


  • Adhesive Type: Strong bonding
  • Material Compatibility: Suitable for all boat types and materials
  • Durability: Waterproof, UV, and heat resistant
  • Roll Size: 104cm long, 9cm wide

Package Includes:

  • 1x KeelTape
  • Instructions

Whether you're cruising on the water or docking at the marina, KeelTape is the ultimate solution for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your boat's keel. With its easy application and durable design, KeelTape ensures your vessel stays protected and seaworthy, no matter the conditions.